Why Wildfire

Seamless technology automation, control, system design, and support for a single site or across your national property portfolio.

As a national provider of end-to-end enterprise technology solutions, Wildfire Technology Integrators is uniquely positioned to understand and meet your company’s needs, from infrastructure all the way to staffing and training. The Wildfire team’s deep background in relevant networking, management, and audio-visual technologies gives us the insight to frame your solutions according to the scale and objectives of your company, while our national footprint means your entire portfolio can deliver the same high-quality user experience from a single point of contact.


Wildfire values long-term partnerships with our customers and vendors. We work with a select group of top-tier product providers, including Crestron and Christie, to provide the most stable, reliable, adaptable and scalable enterprise AV and building management systems. Our team works closely with our vendors’ engineers during every installation, and we guarantee both their technologies and our own work.


Wildfire also understands that there is more to a productive and profit-enhancing enterprise technology system than just components—that’s why we assist customers as needed from the capital planning stage through system design and installation, staff training, and subsequent support. We design systems that enable your company to evolve with newly available technologies as they emerge.


Every Wildfire design is customized to your requirements, never an off-the-shelf solution. Whether your company works from a single property or a network that spans the nation, Wildfire provides the excellent solutions that enable your employees to interact efficiently, solve problems effectively, and innovate to help your firm succeed.

From due diligence to follow-on support, Wildfire is your company’s partner in efficient, effective technological integration.

National Service Network

Wildfire Technology Integrators serves property owners and businesses nationwide, from single-site offices to multi-building campuses and regional office networks. Because of our national footprint, Wildfire can provide a uniform enterprise AV and building management user experience for your employees and managers nationwide, and can work with telecomm providers and code officers in each of your localities to ensure that your properties are provided with appropriate cabling, riser management, and network infrastructure—the backbone of safety, security, and productivity for your employees and tenants.

Wildfire also provides tech support nationwide, including remote help desk services and onsite support for companies with short-term special projects or events, or longer-term complex system support requirements. These efficiencies of scale provide property- and business owners a single point of contact for services regionally or nationwide, and a consistently high-quality experience for the end user. Our services also deliver a level of budgetary consistency and transparency that enables executives to plan for future growth and reduce the risk of unplanned expenditures.

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