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The greatest technology in the world is only great when it’s working. We build AV and Control Rooms that serve your specific needs and then support them with the best-trained staff in the business, so your system is always ready when you are.


Our Solutions

AV Solutions

We build customized conference rooms and building-wide audio/video systems, but our work doesn’t end with installation. Our team of engineers is highly trained and fully committed to making sure your system is dependable. We’ve built our reputation on client-focused service, entrepreneurial thinking, integrity, and exceeding expectations.

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Control Room Solutions

Since 2008, we have been designing, installing, and commissioning immersive control rooms and command centers. Our team of experts will design a control room tailored to your specific needs. With our large portfolio of manufacturers and products, we integrate your system with the ideal technology. You’ll understand how to maintain that system, leading to a lower incidence of critical issues.

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Why Wildfire?


Wildfire is a trusted authority for the creation of your system and the first-class support that keeps it up and running. Our deep background in relevant networking, management, and AV technologies allows us to frame your solutions according to the scale and objectives of your company.

Service and Support

We are a national provider of end-to-end enterprise technology solutions. Our staff is certified to support every major supplier, so no matter what system you use, we keep it fully operational.

Manufacturer Agnostic

As representatives of all major manufacturers in our industry, our team can help you decide which products best fit your needs.

Results That Speak For Themselves

“The comprehensive audio/visual system provided through Wildfire AV gives our police department the ability to conference, train, and integrate command and control of critical incidents from inside our headquarters. The access to web-based systems, records management, and cable media through a user-friendly video app lets information flow efficiently internally and in concert with interagency and mutual aid departments.”

Matthew P. Geist
Chief of Police

Wildfire has been our trusted AV partner for 10+ years as we have expanded from just a few US sites to over 20. Wildfire’s experts design and build our purpose-built collaboration spaces, consult on product life cycle and improvements, and provide creative solutions and problem solving. Additionally, we can always trust Wildfire Support to remedy issues and see them through to completion.”

Kevin Roach
VP, Global Operations and Infrastructure

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Our success across corporate, government, and municipal sectors gives us the expertise to solve your challenges.




Wildfire Technology Exhibits at APCO 2023 Highlighting Visualization Integration Services for Control Rooms